12 Tangelo x Murano galop LR
27 June 2022

Carlos Lopez: Admara 2 is a love story’

In our auction today: Tanga O’Mara, filly [Tangelo vd Zuuthoeve x Murano], sister to Admara 2

What is your most beautiful memory already now with Admara 2?
I think the finals of the World Championships in Tryon. We were so close to a medal there with a 5th place. The circumstances were heavy, it was hot and a lot of humidity. Not the best conditions and it was very difficult for the riders and horses. There was only two double clears in the finals and he put a double clear there. That was a big moment for everybody of my team. He is a real fighter. When he comes into the ring he just want to do it.

What are your goals for this year?

Admara 2 is already 17 years old. He is healthy as hell, a tough guy. I will not go to the World Championships as I think he don’t deserve it because he always tries so hard in the world cup finals and world championships. He is seventeen so I won’t do that. Everything what is possible now is just a gift. 

Is Admara 2 your once-in-a-lifetime horse?

I hope he is not, till now he is for sure. Next year will be tough when he will be retired. The moment I gonna loose this horse will be the toughest year of my career. You know, it’s a love story that ends than. You could not replace a horse like that. He is a special kind of a horse. He made me understand the real sport, he always fight and help me.

We have a sister of Admara 2, out of Somara in our auction what would you say to the buyers?

It is not easy to get a foal out of Somara and this special bloodline. I tried to buy horses out of this blood line especially by Somara but did not succeed so far. I will try to get her!