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Jumping foals
Elegance • Performance • Ambiance

Grand Prix Sales Online

Grand Prix Sales Online selling top-class jumping and dressage foals.

August 3, 2020 jumping foals from 10.00 AM until 08.00 PM
August 4, 2020 dressage foals from 10.00 AM until 08.00 PM
(CEST, Amsterdam)

August 1, 2020 at 08.30 PM (CEST) on CMH​.tv

CSI Twente

An exciting online auction packed with top-class foals. Register on our website, not to miss anything about our auction!”

Grand Prix Sales
About Grand Prix Sales

What’s up at Grand Prix Sales?

25 Governor 8 LR
5 July 2020

Worldwide interest for first edition Grand Prix Sales Online

Top results in first edition of Grand Prix Sales last Friday and Saturday.
2 Casall Ask 11 LR
5 July 2020

Auction results July edition

Worldwide interest for our collection.

Online bidding during Grand Prix Sales

For online bidding you need to register first on our website.

Grand Prix Sales Online