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Electra SM1
5 August 2020

Auction results August

Auction results jumping foals

Chanel 2000 Z (Cornet Obolensky) 25.000 euro sold to USA

Chaccotino Blue HRC Z (Chacco Blue) 22.500 euro sold to Germany

Briljant Blue XS Z (Brunetti Z) 18.000 euro sold to Canada

Papilotte DDH (Casall Ask) 17.000 euro sold to Germany

Cevin Z (Cornet Obolensky) 15.000 euro sold to Denmark

Constant T (KM Chalcedon) 15.000 euro sold to USA

Championado Z (Cornado II) 13.000 euro sold to Portugal

Polidor H (Quabri de l’Isle) 12.000 euro sold to Germany

Pirouette (Eldorado van de Zeshoek) 12.000 euro sold to The Netherlands

Donnabelle N Z (Don VHP Z) 12.000 euro sold to Portugal

Powerhouse GPH (Halifax van het Kluizenbos) 11.000 euro sold to Peru

Ponthargos (Conthargos) 9.000 euro sold to The Netherlands

Power JB (Comme Il Faut) 9.000 euro sold to Sweden

Quaid Z.G. Z (Quel Homme de Hus) 8.500 euro sold to Switzerland

Auction results dressage foals

Paco dos Santos (Imposantos) 33.500 euro sold to Germany

Patton E.H. (Le Formidable) 27.000 euro sold to The Netherlands

Proud of Glamour (Glamourdale) 20.000 euro sold to USA

Portofino DDH (Jameson RS2) 12.000 euro sold to USA

Puccini (Desperado) 9.500 euro sold to Spain

Pallache (Apache) 9.500 euro sold to UK

Peanuts SG (Daily Diamond) 8.500 euro sold to The Netherlands

Phinirma (Desperado) 8.000 euro sold to The Netherlands

Phoenix P (Lord Europe) 7.500 euro sold to Czech Republic