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2 Casall Ask 11 LR
5 July 2020

Auction results July edition

Auction results jumping foals

Cash FZ Z (Casall Ask) 27.000 euro sold to Italy

Panorama Z (Padinus) 23.500 euro sold to USA

Deze Piet Z (Dominator Z) 19.500 euro sold to the Netherlands

Phoenix Cerise-Linn (Cornet) 12.000 euro sold to Italy

Phenix Key (Grandorado TN) 11.000 euro sold to United Kingdom

Pleasure W (For Pleasure) 9.000 euro sold to Germany

Candy Z (Conthargos) 8.000 euro sold to United Kingdom

Palermo (Halifax) 8.000 euro sold to Germany

Polopos (Tobago Z) 7.500 euro sold to USA

Pursy (Harley VDL) 7.000 euro sold to the Netherlands

Eline MB Z (Emerald). 7.000 euro sold to United Kingdom

25 Governor 8 LR

Auction results dressage foals

Powerman Texel (Governor) 37.000 euro

Pablo Picasso (Glock’s Taminiau) 23.000 euro

Pearl Jam LH (Le Formidable) 19.000 euro sold to USA

Princess Apple (Jameson RS2 14.000 euro

Princess van de Wimphof (Escamillo) 13.000 euro

Pinot Noir N (Glock’s Toto Jr.). 13.000 euro

Pandémie D’Amour LK (Le Formidable) 10.000 euro
sold to USA

Pablo (Just Wimphof) 9.500 euro

Perfect Black (Glamourdale) 8.000 euro

Purple Rose (Fontaine TN) 7.500 euro

Pinatubo E.H. (Deparon US) 6.500 euro

Playboy SQBS (Daily Diamond). 6.500 euro

sold to Spain